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I couldn't have asked for a better final show and send-off into maternity leave from the Sportsnet crew. It was a couple of weeks ago on a Friday night. Started off being "tricked" onto the Tim and Sid show and wrapped up with a farewell on Central a few hours later. I left with bouquets of flowers, baby toys and mixed emotions.

Don't get me wrong I'm super excited to start this new adventure into mother-hood, but I love my job. I really love my job. And it's hard to imagine missing out on what's happening at the shop. Call it a case of severe FOMO.

Sure, I'll still be glued to the tv during games and biting my nails when the Blue Jays are playing, but it won't be the same as being at work.

Working a shift at SN is like being at a bar (serving non-alcoholic beverages) with every game that night on the tv's. There's screaming (mostly from Ken), debating and overall excitement. It's a charged up atmosphere that's hard to duplicate in one's basement with a screaming baby. Just a hunch.

I know that once the baby arrives (any day now), I'll have a new focus and not as much time to think about work. And I'm seriously looking forward to that and devoting my attention to the babe. It will be an adjustment that's for sure. Who knows, maybe in a few months when I return from mat leave I'll be writing about the mixed emotions of going back to work and leaving home. It's funny how things work out that way.

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